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EASA Southeast click here
NEMA Motors and Generators click here
Consortium for Energy Efficiency click here
Motor Decisions matter click here
CDA Copper Development Organisation click here
Wago Wall Nuts and Lever Nuts click here
DC Motor Winding Data Information click here
GelCap Information click here

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Bussmann Motor Circuit Protection Tables click here
NEW European and American Motor Connections click here
NEW Reliance Conn. Dia. DC Stab. Shunt Motor Field F1,F2,F11 and F22 click here
Motor FL Currents 60Hz click here
Motor FL Currents 50 Hz click here
Motor Starter Sizes click here
Motor Wiring Sizes click here
Euroropean and American Cable Information click here
3 Phase Short Circuit Calculations click here
NEMA 1 / 12 Enclosure Fan CFM Sizing Chart for Heat/Cooling click here
NEMA 4 Enclosure Sizing Chart for Heat/Cooling click here
Nema Plugs and Receptacles click here
Typical 60Hz Commercial and Industrial Power System Voltages click here
IEC Enclosure Descriptions click here
Nema Enclosure Descriptions click here
Electrical Formulae and Grounding Requirements click here
Fraction, Decimal, and Millimeter Equivalents click here
Metric Wire, Cross Sectional Area Comparison to US Wire Sizes click here
Transformers Single Phase FL Currents click here
Transformers Three Phase FL Currents click here
Transformer Size Recommended for 3 Phase Motors click here
Engineering Formulas click here
Determining Electric Motor Load and Efficiency click here
Mike Holt’s Electrical Formula Page (Master Electrician) click here
Storage of Electric Motors click here
Medium Votage Motor Currents click here

“Tech Talk”

2014 No 88:Compressed Air ebook click here
2014 No 87:Electric Motor Nameplate, Service Factor Meaning click here
2014 No 86:Rules of Thumb click here
2014 No 85: Two tech questions on motor testing click here
2014 No 84:iPad Apps for Maintenance Professionals click here
2014 No 83:Electric Motor Bearing Protection Handbook by Aegis click here
2013 No 82:Fan Engineering Resource Guide click here
2013 No 81:Electrical Measurements On AC Drives… click here
2013 No 80:Reduced Voltage Starter Configurations click here
2013 No 79:KeepSheet No 1: Frctions-Decimal-Millimeters up through 6 in by 64ths click here
2013 No 78: Bearing Temperatures click here
2013 No 77:Electric Motor Wiring Tables click here
2013 No 76:Identifying Unmarked Leads on 6 and 9 Lead Motors click here
2013 No 75: How Many Times Can You Start and Stop A Motor Safely click here
2013 No 74: Phoning Overseas click here
2013 No 73: Electricity in Foreign Countries click here
2013 No 72: SEW Eurodrive Brake Information click here
2013 No 71: Predictive Services, Tim Neal click here
2012 No 70: Bussmann Motor Circuit Protection Tables click here
2012 No 69: The Windings Inside an Industrial DC Motor click here
2012 No 68: The Lubrication of Electric Motor Bearings click here
2012 No 67: Flygt Submersible Pump Rotation Plus Impellers click here
2012 No 66:European,6 Terminal,Motor Terminal Block click here
2012 No 65: Three Phase Motor Nameplate Voltage Ratings click here
2012 No 64:How To Identify Motor Frame Size click here
2012 No 63: Electric Motor “Hotspots” click here
2012 No 62:Identification of Single Spring Mechanical Pump Seal click here
2012 No 61: Electrical and Physics Formulas click here
2012 No 60: Mounted Bearing Temperature Sensors click here
2012 No 59: Drive Wiring for Immunity click here
2011 No 58:Motor Testing Dynamometer click here
2011 No 57:Electric Motor Bearing Fits click here
2011 No 56:Bearing Isolators click here
2011 No 55:Types and Identification of Industrial Single Phase Motors click here
2011 No 54:Mobil Polyrex EM Grease and Lithium Base Grease click here
2011 No 53: Poles and Speed click here
2011 No 52:ABB New Synchronous Reluctance Motor (SynRM) click here
2011 No 51: Full Instructions on Aegis SGR uKit click here
2011 No 50:12 Lead Wye Delta Motor Connections click here
2011 No 49:Saving Money By Upgrading Fluorescent Fixtures click here
2011 No 48 :Eddy Current Clutch Drives click here
2011 No 47: Push Pull,Sink Source and Open Collector Information click here
2010 No 46:EISA 2007 (Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007) click here
2010 No 45: Stepper Motors click here
2010 No 44: AC and DC Motor Connection Diagrams click here
2010 No 43: Surge Testing and HiPot Testing of 3 Phase Motors click here
2010 No 42:Motor Energy Cost vs Purchase Cost and EISA click here
2010 No 41: Guide to Electric Current Abroard 2002 click here
2010 No 40: Guide to Electric Motor Lubrication click here
2010 No 39:Web Learning Resources click here
2010 No 38: Drive Enclosure Thermal Considerations click here
2010 No 37: Effect of Oil and Grease on Motor Windings click here
2010 No 36: SI units of Torque,Pressure and Power click here
2010 No 35: Bolt Tightening click here
2009 No 34: Centrifugal Pump Cavitation click here
2009 No 33: Drive Enclosure Cooling click here
2009 No 32: Slide Show pdf on Aegis Shaft Grounding Rings click here
2009 No 31: Different Types of Submersible Pump Motors click here
2009 No 30 : Capacitors Used with Single Phase Motors click here
2009 No 29: Premium Efficient motors,rebates and the law click here
2009 No 28: Comparison between different motor thermal protection devices click here
2009 No 27: Tools to show bearing electrical discharges click here
2009 No 26: Polarization Index and Dielectric Absorption Ratio click here
2009 No 25:Stray/Ghost Voltages click here
2009 No 24: What is meant by Static and Dynamic Imbalance click here
2009 No 23:Efficiency of Gearboxes click here
2008 No 22: VPI Varnish Treatment and VFD Drive Motors click here
2008 No 21:Arc Flash Prevention Pointers click here
2008 No 20: What is Power Factor click here
2008 No 19:What is ripple voltage ? click here
2008 No 18: Investigation and Solutions to Motor bearing Currents click here
2008 No 17:Basic Electric Motor Troubleshooting-Part 3 click here
2008 No 16:Photos of Over Greased 100 HP electric motor and recommendations for lubricating motor bearings click here
2008 No 15:Small DC Drive and Motor troubleshooting click here
2008 No 14:Basic Electric Motor Troubleshooting-Part 2 click here
2008 No 13:Basic Electric Motor Troubleshooting-Part 1 click here
2008 No 12:460v/796v Name-plated 3 Phase Motor click here
2008 No 11:Wye and Delta Motors and Power Supply click here
2007 No 9:Geared In problem click here
2007 No 8:Line / Load Reactors click here
2007 No 7:Buck-Boost Transformers click here
2007 No 6:Core Loss Testing click here
2007 No 5:Thermistors click here
2007 No 4:Motor Insulation Systems and Temperature Class click here
2007 No 3:Understanding Significance of Motor Frame Numbers click here
2007 No 2:Motor Nameplate Service Factor Explanation click here
2007 No 10:Fan Speed Changes and The Affinity Laws click here
2007 No 1:How to read resistor color codes click here
2006 May:Heat problems in panels due to drive heat losses click here

Hollogram Past Issues

June 2014,Issue 88 Carotron DC Drives:Tech.Ref. App:Compressed Air System Efficiency: June 2014 Click Here
May 2014,Issue 87 Webster Chain: New Toyota Engine/Generator:Motor Nameplate Service Factor:click here
April 2014,Issue 86 Leeson 3 Phase motors:Rules of Thumb:book:click here
March 2014,Issue 85 Conveyor Belting:Tesla Model S Electric MotorTech video: Questions on Motor Testing: click here
February 2014,Issue 84 Leeson Bravo Reducers:Earthrise Video:iPad Apps for Maintenance Users:click here
January 2014,Issue 83 Brother Gear Motors:Carl Sagan Pale Blue Dot video: Electric MotorBearing Protection Handbook:click here
December 2013,Issue 82 Danfoss 2800 Drive Update:Fan Resource Guide:click here
November 2013,Issue 81 Nordbloc Helical Reducers:English/Metric Conversions Sheet: Electrical Measurements On AC Drives: click here
October 2013,Issue 80 Danfoss HP Pumps/Motors:Tap & Drill Chart: Reduced Voltage Starter Configurations
September 2013,Issue 79 Cambridge International Steel Belting:Inches to Millimeters Sheet: The New Kress Motor: click here
August 2013,Issue 78 Service:Bearing Temperatures: click here
July 2013,Issue 77 Igus Energy Chain:Fluke Workshop: motor wiring tables: click here
June 2013,Issue 76 Fluke VT02 Visual IR Thermometer:Identifying Unmarked Leads on 6 and 12 Lead motors:click here
May 2013,Issue 75 Screw Conveyors: How Many Times Can You Start and Stop A Motor Safely: click here
April 2013,Issue 74 Chuck Dix: Birds of Paradise:The Phone Book :click here
March 2013,Issue 73 North American Electric:Air Refueling Video:Electricity in Foreign Countries :click here
February 2013,Issue 72 Stober ServoFit Gearheads:Audi Self Drive Cars: SEW Eurodrive Brakes:click here
January 2013,Issue 71 Fluke New CNX 3000 Wireless Testers:On SitePredictive Maintenance Service:click here
December 2012,Issue 70 Bus Duct Replacement:Best 4 mins Today:Bussmann Motor Circuit Protection Tables: click here
November 2012,Issue 69 Leeson Platinum ACPM Motor:BBC Human Planet:Fields Inside DC Motor:click here
October 2012,Issue 68 System Plast Conveyors:Thrust Over Water video:Relubing Electric Motor Bearings:click here
September 2012,Issue 67 US Accu-Torq Motors:Trip The Light video:Flygt Submersible Pump Rotation plus Impellers: click here
August 2012,Issue 66 Fluke 325 Clamp and 424D Laser Meter:Shuttle Booster Video:European MotorTerminal Block :click here
July 2012,Issue 65 US Motors Hostile Duty motors: Sale Danfoss VLT 2800 Drive:Tech Talk July 2012 Three Phase Motor Nameplate Voltages:click here
June 2012,Issue 64 Martin and Thomas Screw Conveyor H’Book:Musical Stairs:How to Identify a Motor Frame Size:click here
May 2012,Issue 63 Zero-Max Servo Couplings:Earth Picture:Electric Motor Hotspots: click here
April 2012,Issue 62 Danfoss DrivePro Programs:People are Awesome: ID Single Spring Pump Mechanical Seal: click here
March 2012,Issue 61 Horton-Nexen:Pollination Extreme Close-Up:Formulas: click here
February 2012,Issue 60 Thermal Imaging Service:Mussels Under the Ice : Mounted Bearing Temperature Sensors:click here
January 2012,Issue 59 Collars & Couplings: Neutrinos:Wiring AC Drives for Immunity: click here
December 2011,Issue 58 Posi Lock:Hallelujah Chorus:Motor Testing Dynamometer:click here
November 2011,Issue 57 Nord Gear:Penguin Movie:Electric Motor Bearing Fits: click here
October 2011,Issue 56 US Motors Pump Motors:AMan,Dog,Motor
Cycle:Bearing Isolators: click here
September 2011,Issue 55 New Danfoss VLT Automation Drive Brochure: Elephants Reunited:Types and ID of Ind.Single Phase Motors: click here
August 2011,Issue 54 Helukabel Topflex VFD Cable: Open House Invitation:Helukabel:Mobil Polyrex EM vs Lithium Base Greases:click here
July 2011,Issue 53 IBYSS Inverter Bypass Switch:3D Printing:Motor Poles and Speed:click here
June 2011,Issue 52 Bussmann Fuse Service Kits:Powers of 10 :ABB New SynRM motor :click here
May 2011,Issue 51 What It Takes To Make The Best Electric Motor Rewind:The Future in Touch:
April 2011,Issue 50 Holland Industrial panel Shop:Singing Bird:12 Lead Wye Delta Motor Connections click here
March 2011,Issue 49 US Motors:Be Happy:Upgrading Fluorescent Fixtures :click here
February 2011, Issue 48 Igus Chain Carriers:Could this be you:Eddy Current Clutch Drives:click here
January 2011,Issue 47 SEW Eurodrive Torqbloc: Khan Academy:Push Pull,Sink Source,Open Collector Information: click here
December 2010,Issue 46 Fluke 376 and 381 Meters:Hallelujah at the mall:EISA 2007 :click here
November 2010,Issue 45 Trantorque Keyless Bushings:Disappearing Car Door:Stepper Motors: click here
October 2010,Issue 44 Worldwide Electric HdR Reducers:2 Handed Robot:AC and DC Connection Diagrams: click here
September 2010,Issue 43 Paragon Technologies:Terraflugia Video: Surge and Hipot Testing of Motor Windings: click here
August 2010,Issue 42 Danfoss new MCD 500 Soft Start:ISS Tour:Motor Energy Cost vs Purchase Cost, EISA: click here
July 2010,Issue 41 Fluke Sale:Soft Foot Video:”Guide to “Electric Current Abroad”: click here
June 2010,Issue 40 REA Inverter Duty Magnet Wire:BatchGeo:Exxon Mobil “Guide to Electric Motor Lubrication”:click here
May 2010,Issue 39 Epoxy Varnish VPI:Tour of International Space Station:Web Learning Resources for Maintenance Departments:click here
April 2010,Issue 38 Carotron Elite Pro Drive:International Space Station Fly Over:Drive Enclosure Thermal Considerations : click here
March 2010,Issue 37 Control Techniques Unimotor fm:Slo Motion:Effects of grease and Oil on Windings:click here
February 2010,Issue 36 Hub City Cleanline Ultraplus :The Simplest Electric Motor:International measurement Units:click here
January 2010,Issue 35 Siemens 3SE5 Limit Switches:Russell Currin:Bolt Tightening:click here
December 2009,Issue 34 Leeson Extreme Duck SS motor:Sonny Marrow:Centrifugal Pump Cavitation: click here
November 2009,Issue 33 Fluke 233 Meter:Kevin Bishop: Drive Enclosure Cooling:click here
October 2009,Issue 32 QM Bearings: Glenn Sparks:
September 2009,Issue 31 Aurora Vert.Pump Motors and Worldwide Right Angle gear boxes:Bobby Tharrington:Submersible Pump Types: click here
August 2009,Issue 30 Hitachi Maxco: WL West : Motor Capacitors: click here
July 2009,Issue 29 Dongan and Acme transformers:Alex Ward:Premium Efficient Motors Rebates and the Law : click here
June 2009,Issue 28 Ralphs-Pugh :Cecil Sanford : Different motor thermal protection devices: click here
May 2009,Issue 27 Martin Shaftless Conveyor:Tim Neal: Tools to detect electrical bearing discharges:click here
April 2009,Issue 26 Cooper B-Line/Hoffman:Mike Neal: PI and DAR: click here
March 2009,Issue 25 Siemens Tiastar: Larry Holland Jr:Stray/Ghost Voltages:click here
February 2009,Issue 24 Danfoss VLT:David Hayes : Imbalance:click here
January 2009,Issue 23 Stober, Gearboxes: Wayne Faucette:Gearbox Efficiency : click here
December 2008,Issue 22 Marathon Blue ,Black Max Motors : Lee Edmonds: VPI Process & Drive Motors :click here
November 2008,Issue 21 Control Techniques:Tommy Anstead:Arc Flash: click here
October 2008,Issue 20 MTE Line Reactors:Bobby Powell:Power Factor:click here
September2008,Issue19 Fluke Thermal Imagers:Duffy Callahan:Ripple Voltage:click here
August 2008,Issue 18 Siemens and ABB:Scott Mathews:Motor bearing Currents: click here
July 2008,Issue 17 Shimpo Circulute 3000:Jeff Taylor : Troubleshooting Motors Part 3: click here
June 2008,Issue 16 Trio Shaft Mounts: Danny:Lube Recommendations for Electric Motors:click here
May 2008, Issue 15 uni Chains:Brad:Troubleshooting Small DC Drives and Motors: click here
April 2008,Issue 14 Danfoss Soft Starts:Patricia:Troubleshooting Motors Part 2: click here
March 2008, Issue13
Belting:Eddie:Troubleshooting Motors Part 1: click here
February 2008, Issue 12
Chain:Donna:460/796v motor: click here
January 2008, Issue 11
Leeson Group:Jacob:Why Wye or Delta motors: click here
December 2007, Issue 10
Nexen Brake:Betty Jo:Fan Speeds: click here
November 2007, Issue 9
Wago Connectors:Justin:Geared-In Drive: click here
October 2007, Issue 8
Gel Caps: Connectors:Shawn:Line Reactors: click here
September 2007, Issue 7
Dongan:Michael:Boost-Buck Txs: click here
August 2007, Issue 6
Whirligig Speed Sensor:Denise:Core Loss: click here
July 2007 , Issue 5
Eurodrive:Kristy:Thermistors: click here
June 2007, Issue 4
Peninsular Cylinders:Ronnie:Motor Temperature Classes: click here
May 2007, Issue 3
Carlisle Belts:Patrick:Motor Frame Sizes: click here
April 2007, Issue 2
Interroll Motorized Rollers:On-Site Services:Nameplates: click here
March 2007, Issue 1
Danfoss Drives:Polyrex EM Grease:Resistor Chart: click here