Motor Repair


Gear Box Repair

We have extensive gearbox repair experience with major brands, such as Flender, Hansen, Lufkin, Falk, SEW, Grove, Dodge, Shimpo, Fenner, Renold, Browning & Hub City.

Pump Repair

Pump Repair

The Repaired Pump is ready to
be shipped.

Laser Alignment Services

1000 HP Motor
Alignment 1

A man working with equipment
High alignment
Portrait of High Alignment

Field Balancing

Balancing your rotating equipment in place, i.e., Fans, Spin Dryers & Extractors.

Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography

Thermographic Image

Detection of “hot spots” in electrical and mechanical applications, boiler and furnace refractory voids, and other process applications. Certified Thermographer.

Switch Gear Testing

Inspection and testing to ensure proper trip set points. Usually required by your insurance annually.

Drive Setup and Analysis

Professional setup of parameters on any Drive. Inspection, troubleshooting, and analysis of your Drives for maximum performance.

Electronic Repair

Pick up, Quote, Repair, and Deliver your electronic equipment. Printed Circuit Boards, Drives, PLCs, Servo Controls, HMIs, Barcode Scanners & Encoders

Hydraulic Repair

Pick up, Quote, Repair, and Deliver Hydraulic Equipment. Servo Valves, Piston and Vane Pumps, Piston and Vane Motors, Valves (Directional, Flow, Proportional, Pressure)

UL 508 Certified Panel Shop

UL 508 Certified Panel Shop

New Panel with Stainless Steel Enclosure

We stock Enclosures, PLCs, Wires, Ducts, Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Push Buttons, and all necessary items to build the panel you need with AutoCAD drawings.

Motor Reliability Analysis

We offer on-site “Motor Reliability Monitoring” for your currently installed motors. Once the electric service is disconnected, we will perform a wide range of electrical tests. These tests include Surge, DC hi-pot, Step Voltage, Continuous Ramp, Meg-Ohm, Winding Resistance, Impedance, Capacitance, Phase Angle, and Dissipation Factor/Quality Factor measurements. Reports are digitally recorded and stored for future reference at Holland Industrial. We send emailed copies and/or hard copies, on request, to each customer. This is an excellent tool to ensure motor reliability!